THe historY of the hub

A restoration project

Restoring the Hub has been an amazing journey. From an empty shell to a thriving Community Centre it now serves people within a fifteen-mile radius of Chertsey. It’s our way of serving the community; making a real difference in the lives of local people.
— Peter Prothero (Director)

The Hub project began in 2009 when Equippers church renovated and restored the dilapidated and derelict Runnymede Youth Centre that had closed down twelve years earlier due to government cutbacks. Our vision was to put heart back into the community by creating a space people could meet and engage with meaningful activities.

Many of the activities in the Hub are free and run by volunteers; people that want to serve other people, providing the 'smile behind the service'. Even our Coffee House has the most competitive prices in town if you are looking for freshly made sandwiches and genuine espresso coffee.

We are adding new activities at the Hub all the time. Check out the rest of this web site, or better still, call in to experience the Hub for yourself.

We look forward to seeing you soon!